If you have been a losing trader or an old or beginner in the forex trading market, this indicator is for you.


Price entry alert Indicator is a solution many forex traders both older and new traders have been dreaming and wishing for, it is an indicator that will aid you to trade profitably, it gives you 99% accurate Profitable signals.

Price entry alert Indicator allows forex traders of all kind to get a 99% accurate Signal alert on any asset class of their choice, it can generate accurate Signals for both, scalpers, interday traders, swing traders, position traders.

The price entry alert Indicator was designed to assist losing traders to gain accurate Signals to help them regain their lost money.

It can also be used in all asset class including Volatility75 index, boom, crash, currency, gold, index, crude etc

Price entry alert Indicator is going to give traders alert to buy and sell and also help you Indicate the accurate level to set your entry point, stop loss point, take profit levels.

With this indicator, you are not going to experience any loss any more as an old trader or beginner.


This indicator can be used to provide signals in a channel.

If you own your channel where you post signals, u need this Indicator to gain accurate signals for your clients.

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